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Little Gem Girl

Your Custom Birth Moon Ring - Personalized Moon Ring - Lunar Phases Birthday Moon Ring with Your Date in Antique Bronze or Silver Adjustable Setting


Brand: Little Gem Girl

Color: grey, black, white, silver, bronze


  • Introducing the Birth Moon Ring – modernity meets starry-eyed nostalgia! Show off the exact moon phase that lit up the night sky when you were born, cast in a graceful filigree band. Make time stand still, in the most stylish way possible.
  • Custom Birth Moon Ring - Tell us a date that is special to you (birthday, anniversary, adoption day, wedding) and we'll create a moon phase ring from that night. Choose your ring band style - see photos for samples of each.
  • Available in Antique Bronze or Silver ring filigree setting, 12mm or 14mm size. Crystal clear image of Moon is securely fused in a 12mm or 14mm bezel and attached to an adjustable filigree ring band (can be adjusted to a US women/mens size 5 to 9 - one size fits most adults comfortably). ***Glow in the Dark Option: Choose to have your moon image glow or not glow in the dark. If you choose to have it glow, Moon will glow aqua blue.
  • Makes a unique and sentimental gift for Birthday, Graduation, Wedding and Anniversary, Memorial or In Memory, Adoption or other special events in your life!
  • This stylish handmade item is made in the USA with love and care by Little Gem Girl, a small handmade business. It's a unique, one-of-a-kind piece you'll cherish for years.

Details: Unique and special, this custom ring captures the exact moon phase of the day you were born in a beautiful filigree band! The perfect symbol to commemorate your day of birth with a one-of-a-kind ring that you won't find anywhere else. Shine bright like the star that you are!

Tell us a date that is special to you (birthday, anniversary, etc) and we'll create a moon phase ring from that night..