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Woody Incense Sticks Variety Pack - 120 Insence-Sticks (6 Incents x 20 Insenses) - White Sage, Palo Santo, Dragons Blood, Sandalwood - Natural Incense Set Inciensos with Stick Incense Holder

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Color: Woody


  • Purify and Energize: Experience the cleansing power of white sage incense and the spiritual connection of stick incense for a revitalizing atmosphere.
  • Sacred Palo Santo: Embrace the soothing aroma of palo santo incense and the organic goodness of non-toxic organic incense sticks.
  • Mystic Variety: Explore the enchanting scents of dragons blood incense sticks and the aromatic allure of inciensos aromaticos in our incense variety pack.
  • Serenity with Sandalwood: Find tranquility with sandalwood incense sticks and indulge in the assortment of soothing inscense sticks.
  • Premium Quality: Enjoy the value of organic insense, featuring the best smelling incense sticks, all thoughtfully curated for an elevated experience.

model number: TRU-ISVP-WOODY

Part Number: DnD-Tru-Woody-ISVP

Details: Woody Incense Sticks Variety Pack with Incense holder includes 6 premium fragrances, namely – White Sage, Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense and Myrrh. There are 20 incense sticks of each fragrance, so you get total 120 sticks. Trumiri’s dual incense holder is included in the pack that can be used to burn 2 incenses of same fragrance together for stronger aroma or 2 incenses of different fragrances for blending and creating your own unique aromas. To Use: Light the coated end of the incense stick. Wait a few seconds. Blow off the flame. The incense will smolder and its light smoke will fill the air with fragrance. Caution: Always use an incense holder. Always place the burning incense in a ventilated area, away from any flammable material. Do not breathe the smoke directly from the incense. Keep out of reach of children and pet. Trumiri Dual Incense Holder: Please keep in mind that the holder is made of recyclable plastic (to reduce plastic waste in the environment), so it may get blemishes from smoldering incense droppings. However, the holder is thick enough to not burn through and will not let the heat reach the surface underneath. About our Brand TRUMIRI TRUMIRI brings you the premium quality aromatic experience with quality that you can trust. Our incenses are made in India by the artisans who have been making incenses for over 80 years. India knows incenses inside out because it is in the tradition and culture. Incenses have been used in India for more than 5000 years and have been mentioned in several ancient texts. It is not surprising that India is the largest exporter of incenses in the world. The artisans have perfected the art of blending fragrances and ingredients for incense making. There are over 1000 fragrances available in incenses. TRUMIRI picked the best of the best and ensured that our incenses are made with the highest quality and natural raw material such as dried flowers, leaves, wood dust, tree sap, essential oils and honey.

EAN: 0850039128370

Package Dimensions: 11.4 x 10.1 x 0.8 inches