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Tarot Cards with Guide Book & Linen Carry Bag, 78 Classic Original Tarot Cards Deck Fortune Telling Game with Meanings on Them for Beginners to Expert


Brand: Fofeadm

Color: Black Tarot Cards


  • ⛤Beginner-Friendly Tarot Deck⛤ For tarot beginners, the Keyword Tarot deck is the perfect choice. With this deck, you won't need to waste time searching on Google or flipping through manuals for explanations. The front of each card provides you with concise information that you can easily understand and absorb. This deck is ideal for those who want to learn tarot quickly and efficiently
  • ⛤Keyword Tarot with Comprehensive information⛤ This tarot deck features keyword explanations on the front of each card, including upright and reversed meanings, corresponding elements and symbols, zodiac signs or planets, yes/no answers, numerology, and more. This information can help you better understand each card and deepen your overall knowledge of tarot
  • ⛤Durable, High-Quality Tarot Cards⛤ Our tarot cards are made of high-quality 400 GSM paper, which is durable and long-lasting, with a balance of toughness and rigidity for extended use
  • ⛤Protected Tarot Deck with Guidebook⛤ Our tarot cards set comes with a durable black velvet bag to protect the cards from negative energy. The double-layered bag is crafted with care, and we include a guidebook with essential information. The deck also makes a great gift for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday
  • ⛤Flexible Interpretations Based on Intuition⛤ While our beginner tarot deck is designed to help you learn more easily, your interpretation of the cards based on context, position, and intuition can still be valid and meaningful, even if it differs from the meaning on our cards

Part Number: Fofeadm02

Package Dimensions: 6.6 x 4.5 x 1.9 inches