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Shaman's Cave


Shaman's Cave

 Inspired by an ancient fire ring in the back of a secret cave, in a canyon with no name, hidden deep in the desert and the Shaman who no doubt lived there based on the artifacts I found buried therein.

This is man tea. Embodying the spirit and essence of the untamed sacred male. Wild, resourceful, and wise. Like peated scotch, pipe tobacco, and the smell of a fresh hunt cooking on open flame, there are just some things that resonate with the male experience.
This tea is no exception. In fact, the tea chosen for this special blend was the favorite of explorer, hunter, and statesman, President Theodore Roosevelt. No doubt there is something reminiscent and visceral about the smell of smoke to a man. Something that speaks to his primitive nature, both physical and spiritual, and celebrates the very survival of his lineage.

For this tea we started with specially sourced Lapsang Souchong (smoked black tea), to this we added black currents (traditionally paired with wild game), and dried black cherries. For ethereal connectivity and divination rose petals are added. The blend is then cased and sealed with organic and proprietarily blended extracts and essence for several weeks.

Ingredients: Lapsang Souchong Tea, dried currants, dried black cherries, rose petals, organic and proprietarily blended essence, and extracts.
Flavor/Aroma: Smells like: Smoked campfire leather soaked in Black Cherry Tobacco. Tastes like: Smoked dark fruit liquor aged in a leather bota bag. Feels like: That one time you peeked into your grandfather’s secret chest of life treasures filled with pipes, journals, pocketknives, watches, and coins.