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Scryer’s Cup

Inspired by the arts of scrying & divination, Scryer’s Cup captures the essence of the sacred wisdom embodied in nature, wisdom which manifests itself to those who are willing to take to time to look.

We started with Young Hyson green tea leaves. The name Hyson defines how this tea is processed and the age at which the leaves are picked. The name Hyson means “before the rains.” Young Hyson produces a golden cup that is full-bodied with a hint of natural sweetness. 

To this we added rose and jasmine flowers, two of the most revered and mysterious flowers in all occulted study. Although chosen for their flavor profiles, it should come as no surprise that energetically these flowers resonate with each other and are teachers amongst the plant kingdoms. 

Universally appealing, roses evoke the evanescence of innocence and youth, enwreathes victors, memorializes martyrs, and are woven into flags of nations and the banners of royal bloodlines.

For alchemists, the entire process of psychic transformation takes place sub rosa (under the rose) and speaks to the silence necessary to the interior nature of the work concealed within its petals, or one’s mind.

For Pythagoreans, the rose symbolizes the pentagram, for Wild Roses (the first of the roses) had five petals. Ruled by the water and the moon, Rose is used is used in any magical art involving love, psychic work, and divination. 

Hailing from the far east Jasmine is regarded among most mystical of all flowers. Its very name which comes from Persia means fragrance. Delicate, floral, & intoxicating Jasmine blooms in the evening giving it the nickname “Queen of the Night.” Among witches, Jasmine is known for its excellent divination properties, especially when blended with green tea. 

Whether you are looking for a special blend for entertaining friends and loved ones or a “working” tea in your divination endeavors, our Scryer’s Cup blend is a welcome addition to your cupboard. 

Ingredients: Hyson Green tea, Rose petals, Jasmine flowers, Organic and proprietary blended essence.

Form: Loose tea

Flavor/Aroma: Smells like: Inhaling deeply at dawn in a transcendental garden. Feels like: Dancing to the center of a sultry bloom.

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A The Wicked Vine Apothecary  Customer
Michelle G.
United States United States


I ordered the Scyer’s Cup, Ole No. 36, and Shaman’s Cave teas. All outstanding! The blends of herbs, flowers and their organic essence blends are the best tasting teas! Also, thank you Alicia for Ravintsara essential oil and rose quartz stone! It was a special touch and warmed my heart! Alicia & Cory…keep on keeping! Your special people and love your podcasts too!!!

Amy W.
United States United States

Screens Cup tea

I absolutely love this tea. Probably one of my favorites so far. I tend to enjoy the floral blend teas. Highly recommended if floral is your thing. :)

Helen-Lynn M.
United States United States

So Good!!!

I absolutely love this tea. The rose and jasmine added has taken green tea to a whole other level. Thank you guys for the love you put in this blend!!!

Lisa K.
United States United States

Fragrantly Floral!

An enjoyable green tea, Scryer's Cup is expertly blended. Floral notes grace your nose while the green tea supports the other flavors. Makes a great iced tea. A touch of honey makes a perfect cup.