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Quiet Rest Tea


In these tumultuous times it is important to find balance. We hope that you will be able to quiet your mind and re-center with cup of our thoughtfully prepared "Quiet Rest Tea".

With our "mindfull balance" approach, the herbs blended in this  tea were chosen for their ancient time honored expressions, and their harmonizing synergy. The result is a gentle yet powerful calmative tea.

Note that this tea smells as it should. The pungent, if not slightly peculiar aroma you detect is Valerian root.

Aroma/Flavor Profile: Rich earth, Woodsy floral’s, Seductive roots, Sophisticated Herbs

With over 60 combined years of botanical training, energy work, and natural healing we approach the formulation of our teas with "Mindful Balance." The blending of our tea begins with a purposeful result in mind.

Each and every expression of life is a combination of body, mind, and spirit which resonates within its own frequency. Herbs present us with their medicinal properties through their chemistry and genetic memory. We take the time to select those herbs for their individual properties as well as their complimentary synergies.

We have been crafting our own teas for years, sharing with family and friends. We are now proud to offer it to the world as well.

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Amy W.
United States United States
Love love love

This tea is def one of the best I have ever had. Im not usually a tea drinker and at times have trouble sleeping so I purchased this tea and it def didn't disappoint. I enjoy the floral flavors of this tea and it really does help you to relax and fall asleep. Ill def continue buying this tea. Thank you lots Cory and Alicia!!

Natasha S.
United States United States
Love ❤️

So good noticed heavy eyelids 5 min of sipping the quiet rest tea.

Rosie S.
United States United States

I love this tea, it smells amazing, its beautiful, it tasted delicious and it gave me a beautiful nights rest. I highly recommend it!

Lori C.
United States United States
Great quality tea!

Heard about this tea on The Phoenix Enigma show and knew I needed to give it a try. Excellent quality! Packaging was very nice with simple, concise instructions. Have used the tea several times to help me sleep and it worked like a charm. I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you!

United States United States
Best Stuff Ever

This tea is amazing!! Working so many hours, it is hard to shut my brain off at night.. I highly recommend this for anyone needing a little help not only falling asleep, but also staying asleep and waking fully rested.