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Inspired by a cup of tea enjoyed first  at the Montanya Day Spa in CA.
Invocation is a “Working” tea for creativity and mood elevation. Simple in purpose, juicy, bright, and most certainly lively, Alicia sought to clone the tea served at the Montanya Day Spa in California. A heavenly little day spa wherein you are served green tangerine tea with a biscotti upon arriving.

Not to be outdone, we added to this simple yet vibrant tea, dehydrated tangerine wedges & peels, and whole Goji berries. The idea was to create the perfect cup of tea to spark that creative vibe and take you to the next level.

The grassy and lightly tannic notes of the Sencha blend beautifully with the sharp citrus and slightly sour note of the Goji berries making this a truly invigorating blend. Enjoy a cup of Invocation tea at dawn in your studio, study, or kitchen, or anytime you are looking to manifest and share the best of you.

For me, this tea evokes the feeling of stepping out of a resort in Sedona, AZ and watching the first rays of sun bounce off the red rocks.

Ingredients: Sencha Tea, Goji Berries, Tangerine wedges & peel, Pure Tangerine Extract

Flavor/Aroma: Smells like: Fresh grass misted with tangerine. Tastes like: Layered green grass, multidimensional citrus, & fresh sunshine.

Feels like: A juicy cerebral supernova exploding in your mind, giving birth to a world of possibility.

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Kimberely H.
United States

All the flavors mix very well together. I really enjoy this one!