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ARABIYAT Oud Wood Incense Charcoal Chips - Agarwood | Oudh Bakhoor Muattar | Arabian Oud Sticks | Inciensos Aromaticos para La Casa | Long Lasting Fragrance | Use for Meditation and Relaxation - 25g




  • Notes of Bakhoor Incense Chips: Opens with finest oriental notes including agarwood and musk. The heart of this fragrance is a blend of rich, warm woody notes like sandal wood. Cedar adds depth to the aroma and inspires attention.
  • Quality And Packaging: This oud muattar comes in an attractive and stylish packaging, delivering an enchanting high-quality fragrance to help with meditation and relaxation.
  • How to Use :Take a small piece of Oud wood and place it on a burning charcoal or hot electric incense burner. You may break the wood to desired size. You may use tongs or a small spoon so as not to burn your fingers. Start with a small amount and add more as needed, depending on your preference.
  • Long-Lasting And Versatile Fragrance: Long-lasting and versatile fragrance: A sophisticated bakhoor oudh fragrance that lasts throughout the day, making بخور العود an ideal gift for fragrance fanatics.
  • Bakhoor Oud Experience: Enhance your home with our best bukhoor organic incense which provides an unforgettable, clean and refreshing experience and warmth to your space.

Details: Give yourself up to the allure of Agarwood incense sticks, known for their rich, oriental fragrance that adds an air of sophistication to any setting. Discover the opulence of Oud Bakhoor and the elegance of Frankincense incense. Experience the woody and cedar charm of Bakhoor incense, meticulously blended to create a delightful monarchy of organic fragrances. Step into the divine realm with our oud wood incense, renowned for its spiritual and calming properties. Whether you desire an inviting ambiance in the living room, a calm atmosphere in the bedroom, or a welcoming embrace in the foyer, our long-lasting Home Fragrance has the perfect scent to suit every corner of your home. With its beautiful and chic aesthetics, these fragrance decors not only infuse your space with captivating aromas but also enhance your interior design, leaving a lasting impression on all who enter. our Oud Muattar delivers an extraordinary olfactory journey using the highest quality ingredients. Ensuring a rich and captivating fragrance elevates meditation, relaxation, or spiritual practices.

Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 4.0 x 3.6 inches