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Amitofo Offering Bowl Ritual Plate Great for Altar use, Ritual use, Incense Burner, smudging Bowl, Decoration Bowl, offering Bowl (Pentagram)

$9.90 $11.99

Brand: Amitofo

Color: Copper


  • Crafted from stainless steel, this decor plate serves as a prop for shamanic rituals and as a decorative dish.
  • Rustic Jewelry Holder with Seasoning Bowl - Farmhouse Jewelry Organizer
  • Gold Leaf Iron Trinket Dish: A Stylish Metal Jewelry Holder and Organizer
  • Use it as an offering bowl censer and offering bowl to embrace serenity and enhance your spiritual ritual.

Binding: Kitchen

Details: This stainless steel flat-bottomed bowl-style silver decorative plate is a versatile work of art. Its unique design blends classical and modern elements, adding a touch of sophistication and mystique to any occasion. Whether used as a prop for altar rituals, a jewelry tray, a food and fruit platter, a snack plate, or even a smudging decoration plate, it showcases its versatility. The silver stainless steel material of this flat-bottomed bowl imparts it with an elegant appearance, while also providing durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring its longevity. Its spacious surface can accommodate various items, whether it's jewelry, rings, or small ornaments, all of which can be displayed tastefully on this decorative plate. Additionally, it's suitable for ceremonies or celebratory events, elevating the overall ambiance with a sense of ceremony and grandeur. Moreover, this multi-functional flat-bottomed bowl can also be used in daily life as a container for displaying fruits, snacks, or other delicacies. Its flat and stable bottom ensures reliability even when holding moist foods, alleviating concerns about leakage. Furthermore, its unique design makes it an exquisite decorative piece, perfect for placement on desks, cabinets, or display shelves, adding a touch of artistic flair and individual style to any space. In conclusion, this stainless steel flat-bottomed bowl-style silver decorative plate, with its versatility and exquisite design, brings forth endless possibilities for various settings. Whether utilized as a ritual prop, a jewelry tray, a food platter, or a decorative item, it exudes a unique charm that enhances the aesthetics and enchantment of your life and living space.

Package Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.9 x 0.6 inches