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Oil of the Month Club

Oil of the Month Club

Building your oil apothecary can be a daunting and costly task. The "Oil of the
Month Club" is a fun and inexpensive way to build your Essential oil Apothecary. 

For $22.00 each month plus shipping, you will receive a 5 ml bottle
of the selected oil in a 5-10% therapeutic blend in jojoba or coconut
oil.  The oils are blended to keep your costs down, which allows me to
introduce you to not only "everyday" oils, but to some rare and precious
oils as well.  I carry over a hundred oils in my apothecary and want to
introduce you to each and every one of them!

 Because the oils are blended at a therapeutic volume, you will be able to use your oils
immediately and directly from the bottle without a carrier product. 

Your oils will arrive with an oil fact sheet and a small surprise gift. The
cost of shipping is included.  I hand fill each bottle.  Any of the
essential oils that you just love will be available  in the apothecary
at full potency.