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Temple Barley Tea


Rich, full bodied and silky smooth with undercurrents of subtle natural sweetness and exotic spice.
Based on a sacred recipe dating back to the Cult of Demeter in ancient Greece, our “Temple Barley Tea” celebrates hearth, home, and the tangible works of man. Although the psychoactive ingredient that once laced this tea has been omitted, you can still enjoy what we believe defines comfort tea.
Blended to inspire both inner reflection and self awareness, Temple Barley Tea contains the perfect blend of organic hand roasted and malted baileys’, silky smooth cocoa, the delicate yet forward spicy sweetness of organic anise seed, and exotic green cardamon.
Containing heavier, more soluble ingredients, this tea provides a rich brothy cup, ideal for contemplative evenings, rainy days, or penning a letter to an old friend.
Aroma/Flavor Profile: Brothy Hearth Grains, Roasted Cocoa, Warm Caravan spices
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jules m.
United States United States
The teas are amazing

The teas I purchased are great! Their descriptions were on the nose and perfectly encapsulate the tea drinking experience. I find that the Temple Barley Tea is great in the morning, it really stimulates the mind and gets things flowin. The quietness and stillness of the early morning hours are perfect for sippin on this tea and enjoying the beauty of life. It’s like drinking a cozy warm hug from a close friend or loved one. Quiet Rest Tea does exactly what it advertises, it’s very potent in my opinion, but that’s not a bad thing. I would use this tea with great care and intention. The nose is pleasurable, the pungent aroma of the valerian root adds some woodsy notes. I really enjoy the lavender as well, there’s just the right amount to be soothing and it doesn’t overpower the tea. Sometimes teas with lavender can be a bit much and come out tasting like soap, the Quiet Rest Tea is well balanced. I recommend enjoying this tea 45-60 mins before bed and completely “unplug” yourself during that time. It should be a time that you set aside to reflect, forgive and connect with God. Quiet Rest Tea helps you slow life down a bit so you can quiet your mind and deal with the stresses of life. Measure carefully and follow the brewing directions to make the perfect cup of tea.

United States United States
Temple Barley Tea

I bought one pack of Temple Barley Tea and one pack of Ole #36 Tea the first time just to try. The Temple Barley Tea is a lighter flavor tea with a slight hint of natural sweetness. I recommend sip and hold like drinking good wine and wait for the after taste to come on. I have subsequently ordered two more packs of Temple Barley Tea after trying it for the first time. And, if you also like stronger flavored tea like I do, I strongly recommend that you try the Ole #36 Tea. I also bought more of this with the Temple Barley Tea the second time around. Which ever one you choose, you can't go wrong. I just like them both for different days and different moods.